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Tired of false expectations? Need someone who helps his clients feel secure, calm, and reassured? Want a personal injury attorney in Rockville who will give you thorough legal advice and pay attention to the smallest details? Look no further, Dubo Law is the right address for you. Having a trustworthy Montgomery county personal injury attorney at your corner means avoiding low-ball settlement from the insurance company.

Suppose you are involved in any kind of accident resulting from another person’s negligence. In that case, you may be entitled to compensation. Depending on your specific case, it may include medical expenses, lost income and earning abilities, damaged property, disability-related expenses, emotional trauma, loss of consortium, funeral costs, and more. Both in and out of court, we strive to provide aggressive and creative legal strategies. We ensure our services are fully transparent, providing regular updates about your case. Let us show you what exceptional legal help looks like, so do not hesitate to contact us if you suffered injuries in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, Uber/Lyft accidents, pedestrian accidents, dog bites, slip and fall, medical malpractice, birth injuries, nursing home abuse, and more.

Achieving Excellent Results With Following Cases

We handle different kinds of personal injury cases. Every case is unique, as is our approach. We will make your case much easier, recovering maximum damages in the following cases:

  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Uber/Lyft accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Birth injuries
  • Nursing home abuse

Why Choose One of the Best Montgomery County Personal Injury Attorneys?

  • Always accessible, professional, and extremely knowledgeable
  • 20+ years of extensive experience in personal injury litigation
  • Extremely thorough legal representation
  • Client-friendly reputation
  • Compassionate, personalized, and caring legal services
  • We will treat you like family
  • Strive to resolve your case as promptly as possible
  • We know how insurance companies work
  • Practical contingency-fee arrangement
Dubo Law Montgomery county personal injury attorneys

Elements of a Successful Claim: Do I Have a Case?

Some accidents may leave you with enormous medical bills or damaged property. If this happened as a result of someone else’s negligent conduct, you might be qualified for compensation. With the assistance of an award-winning personal injury lawyer in Rockville, the plaintiff holds the burden of proof. We need to prove the following four elements:

1.      The Presence of Duty

The person who caused the harm must have owed a duty to the victim. The duty depends on the accident type and the parties involved.

2.      The Duty Breach

This is basically a failure to exercise reasonable care, creating a potential for blame to be placed upon the defendant.

3.      The Presence of Injury

The victim needs to sustain an emotional, financial, or physical injury for a claim to be filed, and the losses must result from a defendant breaking the duty.

4.      Causation

The claimant must prove that the defendant’s actions, or duty breach, were responsible for the damages. So, there must be a direct link between negligent behavior and injuries for a claim to be viable.

The Importance of Deadlines

The statute of limitations refers to the limited period of time within which you can file a claim or a lawsuit against someone who harmed you. In the state of Maryland, you have three years after the accident to file a claim; the clock starts ticking from the date of the accident. Failure to file a lawsuit within this period means you will permanently lose the ability to file that claim.

Important Notice: Contributory Negligence in Maryland

Maryland is among of states that practice the contributory negligence rule. Under this rule, a victim can be barred from receiving damages if he or she contributed to the injury in any way, even 1%. It is very unfair to the injured victims that suffered damages due mostly to the negligence of others. That is why hiring a lawyer you can rely on is so important, as it will maximize your chances for a satisfactory resolution.

Do I need to Hire Injury Attorney in Rockville, MD

Involving in any kind of accident that results in injury can be a really frightening experience. You may feel stressed, anxious, and might be in pain. Do not let the insurance companies exploit your situation, seek help from one of the top-rated attorneys in Rockville, Dubo Law. We will:

1.      Help You Prove Liability

Being a tricky process due to the contributory negligence rule present in Maryland, having a well-versed lawyer that can successfully navigate your case is of the utmost importance. The attorney will go through all the evidence to determine what occurred.

2.      Negotiate with Insurance Companies

An experienced lawyer knows all the tricks insurance adjusters may use to offer a low settlement or even deny it. That is their job. With the help of a Rockville personal injury lawyer, you will have peace of mind knowing that your case is handled adequately, and you can be sure no one can take advantage of your vulnerable situation.

3.      Determine the Value of Your Injuries

Covering the full extent of your injuries is our main goal. With our relentless legal strategies, we will advocate for you until you get a fair settlement. You may be qualified for medical expenses, lost earnings, damaged property, and more.

4.      File a Lawsuit

If settling with the insurance company is impossible, having a lawyer who will prepare a lawsuit for you is priceless. In some cases, even filing a lawsuit is enough to make the insurance company make a more fair settlement. If this is not the case, Dubo Law is fully prepared to take your case to court.

Common Mistakes During the Process

These tips can help you become familiar with things you should not do. Avoiding some mistakes can lead to higher settlement offers and can also help you know what to expect during the process. Although it is possible to make mistakes, it is also possible to learn how to stay away from them.

Being Your Own Lawyer is a Bad Idea

You may have some knowledge about laws, or you even may have gone to law school. However, an experienced lawyer knows all rules and regulations and how to overcome obstacles and complications. Personal injury cases usually involve both state and federal regulations, so being your own lawyer is something you should try to avoid.

Do Not Hesitate to Hire a Lawyer

Some people have a tendency to wait until the last minute or before the statute of limitations runs out to seek help from a lawyer. Most lawyers offer free and confidential initial consultations, so you do not have anything to lose. Securing the services of a lawyer for your personal injury case in Rockville sooner means that the final result of your case will probably be better.

Trusting the Defendant: Big No-No

You may feel the opposite side looks and sounds friendly. Well, they are usually not. Their job is to offer a low settlement or even deny it. Using various tactics to affect your case, in the long run, is their goal, so handling all the communication to your lawyer can relieve you of the burden of dealing with the insurance companies.

Refuse Sending Bills to Defendant

The other party may hope you will send them all your bills and may ask you to do so. Do not send them anything and send all your documentation to your attorney. He or she will know what to do with it and ensure everything is included in your claim.

Damages Available in Personal Injury Cases

Any losses that stem from the at-fault party’s negligence or other wrongdoing are referred to as ‘damages.’ Various types of damages are available in personal injury cases, depending on the case type, the nature and extent of the injuries, and the state laws. Some of the following damages could come into play in a personal injury case:

Medical Bills

From ER visits to physical therapy – it costs a lot. Medical expenses tend to add up in personal injury cases, especially in cases of long-term injuries or permanent disability. The defendant must pay the costs of medical care, and it includes the costs already received, and the cost of care that you will require in the future.

Lost Wages

Lost income is another aspect of damages available in personal injury cases. If a plaintiff had to miss work because of the injuries, the defendant needs to compensate for the lost wages. Also, if a plaintiff is able to take sick time, he or she should still be compensated for the loss of the paid time off (PTO). In cases where the plaintiff has a permanent disability and cannot work, a financial expert needs to give an opinion on the victim’s future lost earning capacity and income.

Pain & Suffering

These losses are not so easy to determine because they are more subjective. They may include physical pain caused by the accident, mental anguish, anxiety, sleeplessness, and even physical aches and pains due to necessary medical treatments. These damages are known as non-economic damages.

Punitive Damages

Available only in specific cases, these damages are designed to punish the defendant for extremely wrongful behavior and are not intended to make the plaintiff ‘whole.’

What to Do After the Accident?

Having professional help can increase the odds of a favorable outcome. While it can be really tempting not to hire a lawyer, it is not recommended. We will figure out the most appropriate way to move forward with your life. Some important steps you need to take are:

  • Contact our law firm at (443) 275-6345 , and Neil Dubovsky of Dubo Law will skillfully guide you during this turbulent time of your life.
  • Seek immediate medical help as it can be life-saving. It will also provide the documentation of your injuries produced by the medical provider. It will serve as evidence during settlement negotiations or in court.
  • File police or accident report – it will serve as an essential piece of evidence when filing a claim. This paper trail can help us relate the injuries you have suffered with the accident. The police report is crucial in vehicle accidents and similar, while an accident report will be enough if an accident happens on someone’s property.
  • Obtain the right evidence. The victim holds the burden of proof, so having crucial evidence to support the claim will increase the chances of a fair outcome. Some of the evidence your car accident lawyer in Rockville, MD, can assist with gathering include police reports, medical bills, photographs or videos of the accident, injury photographs, eyewitnesses statements, medical documentation of injuries, paystubs that prove lost wages, and other proofs of any additional expenses incurred.
  • Keep the details off the internet because everything you post online can be used by the opponent’s lawyer and hurt your case. With Neil Dubovsky by your side, you will get a complete summary of what is acceptable to discuss online, so adhering to his advice will help you immensely.

Focusing On Clients Needs First: Rockville Personal Injury Attorney

If you want to experience personal service and powerful legal advocacy, you should contact Dubo Law at (443) 275-6345. There you will find a lawyer who navigates his clients through the most stressful period of their life with calmness and tranquility. Also, you will find the expertise you deserve to get fairly compensated for your injuries. For a free case analysis, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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