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A dedicated lawyer in Upper Marlboro, MD helps people deal with unexpected situations that result in injuries due to someone else’s negligent act. If you have been a victim of another person’s negligence, Dubo Law can give you the assistance you need. You might not be able to change what happened, but you may well be able to be compensated for your misfortunes. The compensation for your losses may include medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning capacity, pain and suffering, or loss of a loved one.

The effectiveness of Neil Dubovsky’s legal team can help organize your case and maximize your compensation by investigating the accident scene as soon as possible and gathering and organizing all the evidence present. Whatever the circumstances of your accident, having an Upper Marlboro personal injury lawyer in your corner can be beneficial. We offer legal help to those injured in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, slip and fall injuries, malpractice, wrongful death cases, and dog bites.

Upper Marlboro Injury Lawyer Services

CAR ACCIDENTS Upper Marlboro ;


A car accident lawyer can provide proper legal help and act swiftly and with compassion to your situation. You need to deal with emotions, injuries, and damaged property and, at the same time, move on with your life. You will receive compensation for your lost income, medical bills, and pain and suffering. Do not hesitate to seek help in complicated legal matters, contact Dubo Law.



A motorcycle accident claim can help you pay medical bills, provide you with the resources you need to live comfortably while you heal, and cover additional costs. Because you should not pay the price for someone else’s error, Dubo Law can help you resolve your case faster and for more with our expertise, reputation, and knowledge. Your Upper Marlboro motorcycle accident lawyer is dedicated to assisting you in leading the best life possible following a motorbike accident.



We will take legal action against the motorist who caused the accident. You may rest certain that our experience will increase your chances of resolving your case successfully. One of Maryland’s top accident attorneys can assist you in obtaining reasonable compensation for your medical bills, missed earnings, and pain and suffering. Because pedestrian injuries may be fatal, do not allow the insurance companies to take advantage of you.



We are here to help you find the responsible person or parties, gather evidence, interview eyewitnesses, negotiate with the insurance company, and, if necessary, take the case to trial. Our expertise in managing truck accident cases, desire to work hard for a settlement, and trial experience will demonstrate that we are a legal team you can rely on. Truck accidents require the assistance of a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer in Upper Marlboro MD, due to the many parties involved and the various types of evidence necessary.



You may be entitled to sue a property owner, a company owner, or a government agency liable for your damages if they neglected to correct a dangerous situation on their property that caused your injuries. We must prove the carelessness of the at-fault party with extensive and persuasive evidence. Dubo Law can assist you with all parts of your case, allowing you to concentrate on your rehabilitation. You may be entitled to compensation for mental agony, pain and suffering, lost wages, medical costs, emotional distress, and other losses.



We all know that major medical malpractice may result in a great deal of human suffering. We are here to get to the bottom of medical malpractice claims and defend those who have been injured and their families. We can assess the exact impact of the medical error while seeking monetary compensation for people who have been damaged since we have a broad network of medical and financial professionals. To preserve evidence and begin our investigation, contact your Upper Marlboro medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible.



Victims of dog attacks sometimes struggle with selecting whether or not to seek the dog’s owner for compensation. We can help you through the legal process of getting compensation for medical costs, lost earnings, and pain and suffering if you decide to pursue legal action. We will assist you in filing a claim with the dog’s owner’s insurance company since most homeowners’ policies cover dog attacks. If we cannot negotiate a reasonable settlement with the insurance company via talks, we will assist you in filing a lawsuit.



If your loved one died as a result of another person’s faults, negligence, or poor decisions, you might seek justice. Assume that someone else was to blame for the death of a member of your family. In that situation, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your losses and damages. Dubo Law has extensive legal experience dealing with the complicated legal concerns that arise in wrongful death cases. We compassionately assist families in their pursuit of justice and compensation in cases involving deadly car accidents, medical negligence, and faulty products.

Why Do Upper Marlboro Clients Choose Dubo Law?



Neil puts his knowledge to work for his clients by being incredibly open, honest, transparent, and client-friendly.


Throughout his career, Neil has assisted in recovering millions of dollars for personal injury victims. He is pleased to stand up for what he believes in, and he approaches each case intending to obtain a fair financial settlement.


Since graduating in 2002, Neil has had substantial expertise in litigation, particularly in personal injury litigation. He also has almost two decades of expertise representing personal injury victims across Maryland.


Dubo Law is dedicated to a quick settlement. Thus we do not take on more cases than we can adequately manage. We make every effort to ensure that our cases are resolved quickly.


Neil is well-versed in the strategies and methods used by insurance companies to take advantage of personal injury victims. His clients will also benefit from his understanding of how insurance firms work.


The contingency fee agreement puts you at no risk because we do not get paid unless and until we win your case. Furthermore, we ensure that every accident victim, regardless of their financial situation, receives legal counsel.

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See Why People Recommend and Trust Our Injury Attorneys in Upper Marlboro


“From my very first conversation with Neil who answered the phone, I felt confident in his abilities. He was actually my third call after being rear-ended by an uninsured driver. Neil was kind and relatable. The case took longer than initially expected due to the driver providing false insurance information, but Neil and his team were easy to work with. In this new world with covid and everything moves at a slow pace. They provided me with feedback and provided reasonable deadlines to all parties. I would highly recommend Neil and his team.”

Stefan B. – Upper Marlboro

“Neil and his team were friendly and open to help us with our issue. From the moment we walked in the door we were greeted with a friendly hello and smile. The warm and inviting spirit continued throughout the entire meeting with much professionalism. There is no doubt who we will go to in the future to help us.”

Shaunda M., Lutherville-Timonium

“Neil is a professional, kind, & caring attorney who gets to know his clients personally. He exceeds expectations in every circumstance & always puts forth his best effort. Neil is also a very intelligent attorney who will do anything to provide the best work for his clients. One of the nicest people & I would recommend him to anyone. He knows what is best for you & works to make that happen day in & day out. I’ve never had a bad experience working with or in conversation with him. Highly recommend.”

Amber P., Baltimore

Time Limits for Personal Injury Claims

A personal injury claim in Maryland has a three-year statute of limitations. This implies that you have three years from the date of the accident or injury to submit a personal injury claim, or you will lose your right to do so.

It is usually a good idea to hire a reputable personal injury lawyer in Upper Marlboro as soon as possible. The sooner you talk to your lawyer about your case, the sooner you can start recovering from your financial losses.

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Contributory Negligence in Maryland

Individuals have a legal obligation to act properly in order to protect their own safety. The state of Maryland will employ a contributory negligence law to prevent you from recovering damages if you share responsibility for an accident that caused you injury. That implies you cannot sue the other person for compensation if you share as little as 1% of the fault for an accident. It is unjust to victims and shields those who are at fault. It also puts the burden of proof on the plaintiff to show that they had no role in the accident.

Available Damages in Personal Injury Claims

Under the American legal system, damages are meant to reimburse the plaintiffs sufficiently to make them “whole” or return them to their position before the injury or accident. You are entitled to the following four forms of damages:

Economic damages:
Medical expenses, lost income and benefits, personal care costs, and housing or vehicle modifications due to permanent disability are all covered under economic damages.

Non-economic damages:
Pain and suffering, lasting impairments and disabilities, and loss of quality of life or pleasure of life are all examples of non-economic damages.

Punitive damages:
Only a few types of personal injury lawsuits are eligible for these damages. It is given to ‘punish’ the guilty individual and dissuade them from repeating the same behavior in the future. The victim must show that the offender behaved with malice, deliberate misbehavior, oppression, fraud, or knowing disregard for the consequences of their acts. Accidents involving intoxicated drivers, nursing home maltreatment, and assault injuries are just a few examples.

Property damage:
It pays for the replacement or repair of any damaged property that occurred due to the accident (for example, a vehicle, cell phone, car seat, etc.). A property damage claim’s worth is determined by the item’s current fair market value or the cost of repairs.

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Are you ready to take action? If you are injured in a vehicle accident and looking for an Upper Marlboro car wreck lawyer, you are at the right place. Dubo Law is here to offer you compassionate legal assistance and negotiate a settlement that meets your needs. With two decades of litigation experience, Neil knows the system well. He will employ the best practices to maximize your chances for success. Do not wait too long; call Dubo Law.

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