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Slip and Fall Lawyer Maryland

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If you’ve had a slip and fall accident in Baltimore or the surrounding area in Maryland, Dubo Law will help make your financial compensation and recovery easy. Rated 5.0 by clients all over Maryland for how we represent their fall case and Baltimore slip accidents in dangerous conditions, we’ll be the the law firm you wish for when recovering from injury. We’ll prioritize your personal injury case, so you can prioritize your recovery and what is truly important in life.

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What Is A Slip And Fall Accident?

Do You Have A Slip And Fall Claim Against A Property Owner?

Slip and fall accidents are personal injury claims that apply to accidents where an individual injures themselves on someone else’s property, usually as a result of at least one dangerous condition. Legally, fall accidents happen on both private and public property.

Homeowners and property owners are responsible for the safety of their environment, so they may be held liable for the injured party. At Dubo Law, you’ll have an experienced personal injury attorney on your side proving negligence, identifying when property owners fail their legal responsibility to keep you safe, and making sure you recover compensation that matches what you deserve.

How To Win Your Slip And Fall
Case in Maryland

Hint: You’ll Want Top Maryland Fall Lawyers On Your Side

Proving you have a Maryland slip and fall case in court is not easy. Your attorney must prove multiple very specific things:

  1. that the property owner or homeowner did not keep their environment reasonably safe,
  2. That you had a lawful reason to be there,
  3. That the property owner knew or should have known about the defective condition that caused the fall, and
  4. That the condition was not open and obvious such that you should have seen it on your own.

In fall lawsuits, it’s critical to know how the Maryland law works to receive your proper compensation and maximum recovery you deserve because proving the property owner liable may be extremely tricky. We’ll make it easier for you.

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Maryland Fall Attorney Services

Dubo Law offers the following services for Baltimore slip and fall cases
and any surrounding areas in Maryland:


When your injury was caused by some defective or dangerous condition on someone’s property, our legal team will work to prove that the property owner was negligent concerning ownership and maintenance of the property. Other premises liability cases include inadequate building security (like poor lighting) and swimming pool accidents (from slippery surfaces). Our law firm will evaluate your case, determine who is likely to be the liable party, and inform you of your options for legal action.


For senior citizens, falls can be serious. They can lead to paralysis, broken bones, and permanent loss of mobility – all of which are devastating impacts on a senior citizen’s quality of life. When someone else’s negligence injures a senior citizen, they may be entitled to compensations like medical attention, long-term care costs, and other out of pocket expenses.


A slip and fall accident can sometimes be fatal. In fact, falls are a leading cause of injury-related deaths among people older than 73. With a skill slip and fall attorney, you can pursue a wrongful death lawsuit, but there are certain pieces of evidence that you must provide to a court for your case to be successful. Get a free consultation with Dubo Law today and we’ll help you assess your best options.

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident?

There are several things to do immediately after a slip and fall accident to secure the best possible outcome:

  1. Seek immediate medical treatment – Your health is the top priority, so it is essential to see the doctor and get treated. That way, your injuries will be properly documented, and those medical records will be important pieces of evidence in court.
  2. As soon as possible, call Dubo Law at (443) 275-6345  If your injuries allow, it can even be helpful to your case to do this right away while everything is fresh in your mind. We will advise you on all your legal options and how to build the strongest personal injury claim.
  3. Report the accident to the manager, owner, or landlord – No matter where the slip and fall accident happened, it is always advisable to get the details of the incident in written form and request a copy for yourself.
  4. Document the incident in detail – Collect the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all potential witnesses. You can also take pictures of the exact location where you fell and any other relevant details. You can also ask around for surveillance cameras recordings. Shoes and clothing you were wearing may be relevant evidence in the process, so put them somewhere safe.
  5. Limit communication – Decline to give any statements related to the incident, especially when an insurance company interferes. It is advisable to talk to a fall attorney first. Do not place blame, and do not take any.

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Elements of Slip & Fall Claims in Maryland

In case you fall on another’s property, certain factors must be presented in order to file a slip and fall injury claim. You and your Maryland and/or Baltimore slip and fall attorney must prove the property owner was negligent and this caused your fall accident. The following elements must be presented in a claim:

  1. Hazard on the property – property owners have an obligation to keep their premises safe to legal guests. As the victim, you must prove that a hazardous condition existed on the property and that the dangerous condition created a risk of harming the property’s legal guests. This includes a slippery surface, potholes in a parking lot, cracked sidewalks, inadequate lighting, and more.
  2. The property owner was aware – In addition to proving that the hazardous condition existed, you also must prove that the property owner knew or should have known about the condition and had a reasonable opportunity to remedy it. Only then can they be held accountable legally.
  3. The victim was allowed on the property – you, as the victim, must have been legally on the property at the time of the accident. That means being explicitly invited onto the property for the owner’s benefit (for example, a customer or tenant), or is someone visiting the property owner for his or her own purposes (for example, a family member or friend). The property owner is not liable for a trespasser’s safety. However, it is not allowed to harm a trespasser purposefully.
  4. A hazard directly caused the injury – the next step is to determine whether the injury resulted in the hazard present on the property. The link between slip and fall accidents and the property owner’s negligence must be established. It is done by your doctor, who will document his or her findings in your medical records. They will be used as a piece of evidence in court.
  5. The victim suffered damages due to the property owner’s negligence – you need to suffer damages in order for your claim to be valid. This includes lost wages due to injury, brain injuries, loss of ability to earn income, rehabilitation, medical assistive equipment, past and future medical treatments, and prescription medication.

What to Expect During a Maryland Slip and Fall Injury Case?

Personal injury cases are generally very complex and take a long time to resolve. Some crucial steps need to be followed, so hiring a skilled slip and fall lawyer in Maryland is important.

Step #1: Meet and talk to your attorney

You will go over together what actually happens, and the attorney will gather all the relevant information about the fall accident.

Step #2: File a lawsuit

The first document your lawyer needs to file is a complaint that outlines the case against the defendant. After this initial document, many others need to be filed, such as answers, crossclaims, counterclaims, etc.

Step #3: Discovery phase

This phase includes all the fine details about the fall accident and is designed to ensure that all the key information is uncovered. All the relevant information from you, witnesses, the defendant, and everything related to the event should come out in this phase.

Step #4: Pre-trial resolutions

The pre-trial resolution resolves any questions involving your lawsuit and can sometimes resolve the litigation completely if the defendant and their insurance company are willing to take reasonable steps to settle the case.

Step #5: Trial

If there is no settlement, the case will go to trial. The judge or jury will examine each party’s evidence, and both sides will have an opportunity to present evidence and make arguments supporting their respective positions. At the conclusion of the trial, it will be determined if the defendant is held responsible for the slip and fall accidents.

Step #6: Determine liability

If you are successful at trial, then you will be awarded a judgment which will, in whole or in part, be satisfied by the insurance company.

Possible Compensation From Slip an Fall Personal Injury Claims

In Maryland or Baltimore slip and fall injuries losses often include financial, physical, and emotional losses. You should seek a monetary award that will fully compensate your total past and future losses, so you are not forced to pay anything out-of-your-pocket. Some of the losses you could pursue are:

  • Lost wages;
  • Lost earning capacity;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Medical expenses;
  • and many more.

While the costs of medical bills are easy to calculate, some other losses are not so easy to determine – especially the emotional and psychological parts of the injury. At Dubo Law, we hire experts that help in determining the fair amount of compensation.

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“I cannot say enough about how Dubo Law handled my case. Neil and Jordan kept me informed the entire time, and when I needed to decide whether to settle or go to Court, Neil let ME make the decision. He gave me all the information with no pressure and, in the end, negotiated a great settlement that I was really thrilled with. Highly recommended and would refer Dubo Law to anyone without hesitation.”

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“If you need attorney services, look no further than Neil Dubovsky. He fights for his client. He’s the nicest guy you ever wanted to meet. The staff is nice, professional, and always helpful. Mr. Dubovsky takes time with his clients, is never rude, and is never too busy. If he is busy, he will call you back immediately. Service with a smile the Neil Dubovsky way.”

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