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The grieving process is hard enough without the knowledge that the negligence of another person contributed to the passing of your loved one. We understand that clients in wrongful death cases deserve special treatment. Our Maryland wrongful death lawyer strives to ease the burden by handling all the details of the lawsuit. Therefore, we will try to maximize the trial and settlement value and help the grieving family members recover as soon as possible.

Neil Dubovsky, a wrongful death lawyer in Maryland, knows that no money can bring back your loved one. Still, the family may have some measure of solace if the negligent party is held accountable for their actions. Dubo Law is here for you to thoroughly analyze the facts and find the best possible way to move forward with a wrongful death claim.

Maryland Wrongful Death Lawyer Services

Having one of the best wrongful death attorneys in Maryland by your side is a huge advantage. At Dubo Law, we want to help ease your suffering in the best way we can. Recovering some compensation can help you get through these difficult times. We will take the time to explain to you every step in the wrongful death process, including litigation if necessary. Dubo Law offers the following legal services regarding wrongful death claims:


When a medical or health care professional deviates from norms in their profession, resulting in a patient’s death, a family may file a claim. Our competent wrongful death lawyer in Maryland has all the skills and resources needed to advocate for your rights.


Being abused or neglected in the care facility or their own home, the older people may suffer wrongful death by people directly responsible for their care. Rest assured that you will have first-class service with Dubo Law in dealing with such claims.


The family of someone being killed by a dangerous or defective product has a right to file a wrongful death claim against manufacturers or sellers of the faulty product. We will ensure you get fair compensation for your loss.


Car, truck, motorcycle, train, bus, plane accidents can result in someone’s wrongful death. The deceased’s family will be well protected with a wrongful death attorney from Dubo Law.


When workplace accidents result in death, you have legal rights and options as a family member. Contact our law firm to appropriately explore a death claim and hold those parties accountable for the death of your loved one.


Although a claim of wrongful death is not a crime, civil and criminal litigation may take place simultaneously, and you can accuse the criminal of the wrongful death, too. For more in-depth case analysis, call us for a free consultation.


Premises or property can be dangerous for many reasons – due to faulty design, poor maintenance, shoddy construction, etc. Suppose your family member died because of unsafe conditions. In that case, a property owner or operator might be liable for a wrongful death action.

Who Has the Right to File a Wrongful Death Claim?

According to Maryland law, there are two categories of people who can file a wrongful death claim after the death of a family member:

  • Primary beneficiaries, including a surviving spouse, surviving children, and surviving parent of the deceased individual. They can file both survival and wrongful death actions.
  • Secondary beneficiaries, including more distant relatives like siblings, nieces, nephews, and cousins. Suppose there are no primary beneficiaries, or they do not want to file a lawsuit. In that case, the secondary beneficiaries may be able to pursue such a claim.

A wrongful death claim must be filed within three years after the deceased’s death. Maryland’s Court of Appeals has confirmed that the three year statute of limitations does not begin to run until the individual’s death. The wrongful act could have occurred well in advance of the death but does not trigger the start of the limitations period.

It is also important to note that if the deceased did not file a timely claim during their lifetime, that does not bar a wrongful death claim by family members after the death of the injured party.

Types of Compensation for Wrongful Death Claims in Maryland

When a person dies in Maryland because of a wrongful act, family members can seek compensation via two statutory claims, a wrongful death claim and a survival benefit claim. You may be entitled to compensation for the following:

Economic damages

This includes:

  • Medical expenses connected to the death;
  • Funeral expenses;
  • Loss of the deceased’s expected earnings;
  • Loss of benefits including medical coverage or pension plans;
  • Loss of an inheritance caused by death;
  • The value of services or goods a victim would have provided.

Non-Economic Damages

Known as ‘pain and suffering compensations,‘ they usually have more value than economic damages, although less tangible. Some of them include:

  • The compensation for the pain and suffering due to the untimely death of a family member;
  • Loss of care, advice, guidance, training, protection, and nurturing from the deceased;
  • Loss of consortium from a deceased spouse;
  • Loss of love and companionship from the deceased.

Wrongful Death Claim vs. Survival Action

A wrongful death claim is brought by the family of the deceased to compensate them for the pain and suffering, emotional distress, and mental anguish they have experienced and will continue to experience as a result of losing a close family member.

A survival action is a direct personal injury claim by the estate of the deceased, through its personal representative, for the harm caused to the deceased before their death.

These claims are mutually exclusive, meaning that both can be pursued at the same time or separately.

How Does a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Maryland Work?

Like every state today, Maryland also has a statute that gives family members a cause of action after the death of their loved ones. When the wrongful act of another person kills someone, their family members are allowed to seek compensation for both economic losses as well as emotional distress of losing their loved one. There are four crucial steps in the process:

Preparation for litigation

In the pre-litigation step, if it is the estate of the deceased that will file the suit, it must be set up in the Orphans’ Court of the county where the deceased lived. Then, the wrongful death lawyer in Maryland investigates the facts surrounding the death with the help of experts in the field. Finally, an attorney needs to identify the responsible parties and notify them of the intent to file a lawsuit.

Negotiation and settling

When possible, settling out of the court may be a good idea, as it can eliminate the risk of losing the lawsuit. You will still get a fair settlement, and the decision of whether to settle will always be a client decision. When not possible, you will be able to push forward with the suit. The negotiation will be done by your wrongful death attorney, who must consult with you about important decisions.

Filing the lawsuit

It is time to file a wrongful death lawsuit if the negotiations were unsuccessful. This step starts with filing a Complaint in the appropriate Circuit Court and then serving all named defendants..


During the litigation phase, you can expect a discovery phase, which incorporates written discovery, including interrogatories and requests for the production of documents, and depositions of the parties, experts and any potential witnesses.In this phase, a pre-trial, trial, and/or mediation can be conducted. If no settlement can be made, litigation will continue until the end, when the judge or jury issues the verdict and a judgment is entered.

Why Choose Dubo Law as Maryland Wrongful Death Lawyer

Here at Dubo Law, we are committed to helping those that seek compensation for the death of their loved one. With the right mix of passion and compassion, we know how to show care to the victim’s family while securing the maximum possible financial outcome from the responsible parties.

  • Expertise & Experience– Since 2002, Neil has generally gained extensive experience in litigation, especially in personal injury litigation. In addition, he has more than two decades of experience serving clients across Maryland.
  • Reputation –Neil has established a reputation of being extremely client-friendly, direct, honest, and clear. A high level of personal attention means that any concerns are addressed directly by an attorney. We are happy if our clients are happy, so clients’ satisfaction is paramount.
  • Results – Neil has helped recover millions of dollars for his clients throughout his career. He is proud to fight for what he believes in and treat every case with wholehearted effort to get the results.
  • Contingency Fee Arrangement – We receive no fee unless we recover for you, which means there is no risk to you. What is more, we ensure that wrongful death victims receive legal representation regardless of their ability to pay. So let us do all the work for you so you can focus on your recovery.
  • Prompt Resolution – Here at Dubo Law, we do not take more cases than we know we cannot handle fairly, so our cases do not take too long to resolve. Our work reflects our philosophy that you must receive the maximum value for your claim and receive it quickly.
  • Represented Insurance Companies – Neil has seen both sides, so he knows all the tricks and ploys the insurance companies use to take advantage of wrongful death victims. Understanding the different ways how they operate is his advantage, and eventually, his clients will benefit from that knowledge.

Maryland Wrongful Death Attorney: About Neil Dubovsky

  • Graduated with Honors, magna cum laudefrom the University of Baltimore School of Law in 2002.
  • Received the prestigious Faculty Award, which was awarded to the student who best “exhibited unusual qualities of scholarship, leadership, and service.” This resulted in Neil being the commencement speaker at his law school class graduation.
  • Prestigious appellate clerkship for the Honorable Lawrence F. Rodowsky, who spent two decades as a Judge on the Court of Appeals of Maryland.
  • He is rated as one of the Top 100 Civil Trial Lawyers in Maryland by the National Trial Lawyers Association, illustrating that his colleagues and well-respected lawyer organizations have recognized Neil’s achievements and success.
  • Neil was selected to the 2021 and 2022 Maryland Super Lawyers list, with no more than 5% of the fellow lawyers in the state were chosen via a patented multiphase selection process involving independent research, peer nomination, and peer evaluation.
  • Received an AV Preeminent rating from Martindale Hubbell. It is the highest rating possible and is given to attorneys ranked at the highest levels of professional excellence, legal expertise, ethical standards, and communication skills.
  • Defended his fellow attorneys, which eventually made him a “lawyer’s lawyer.” He represented them in legal malpractice cases and ethics matters before the Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland.
  • Argued multiple times before the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland, demonstrating his willingness to take a case to the highest court necessary to secure the best result for his clients.

5-stars rated law firm in maryland

5-Star Rated Maryland Wrongful Death Lawyer


“Amazing attorney and one of the nicest people I know. I would recommend him, hands down for anything you need. Knowledgeable, hard-working, and will make sure that you get the help that you not only need but deserve.”

Matt D., Maryland

“Neil epitomizes the expression “Service with a smile.” He has such a positive and personable style that it’s easy to overlook the fact that he is an incredibly aggressive advocate for his clients. The perfect mix of passion and compassion. Highly recommended! You can’t go wrong with Neil on your side.”

Katie M., Maryland

“Working with Dubo Law firm has been one of the best decisions I could have ever made. The first thing that sets them apart for me is their professionalism and willingness to work for you. They immediately become a part of your family and will get you the justice you deserve. Thank you, Dubo Law, for being in my corner and making the process so easy.”

Jeffrey M., Maryland

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Our attorney is not only considered to be a highly-effective attorney, but he has always gained a reputation for being empathetic to his clients. We believe that filing a wrongful death lawsuit will help bring relief and deliver a satisfactory result. Dubo Law will help you file a lawsuit in a timely fashion and gather all the necessary evidence you need to build a strong case. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation.

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