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Searching Court Cases in Maryland

Every case that is filed in a Court in the state of Maryland and every record or filing within those cases is public record (unless sealed by a Court). In the past, if someone wanted to check on the status of a case, they could go to the clerk’s office in that county, pull the case file and determine what the status was.

Fortunately, in the age of the internet, you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home with a few clicks of your mouse by using the Maryland Judiciary Case Search.

Simply stated, Maryland Case Search, or MD Case Search as it is sometimes more commonly known, is a user-friendly tool designed to permit anyone with internet access and a computer or smartphone to research records within the judicial system.

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Case Search Limitations

One important caveat – while you have access to case-related information through Case Search, you cannot access any actual documents, pleadings, or filings. In order to review and/or obtain those, you would still need to go to the clerk’s office of the Court where the case is pending. Unless those records are sealed or otherwise protected, you will be able to make copies of any such materials because they are public records. But, again, you cannot access those online.

However, any user of MD Case Search has the ability 24/7 to determine the status of any pending or closed case. This is true for District or Circuit Court cases for all of Maryland’s twenty-three counties and Baltimore City. There are numerous benefits to utilizing this publicly accessible tool.

Great Uses for MD Case Search

Say, for example, you are looking to hire a new employee, deciding whether and to whom to rent a property, and even trying to find out more information about your upcoming first date, Maryland Case Search provides the ability to ascertain valuable information which can help you make informed and educated decisions. Some other specific examples of where this tool can be immensely valuable:

  • You are looking to hire a driver for your company, and want to determine whether any individual you are considering may have been sued for a prior car accident in Maryland.
  • You are renting a property or looking for a roommate and want to determine not only whether an applicant may have a prior criminal history, but also whether they have previously had any eviction actions pursued against them. That would certainly be valuable information to be aware of before making any decisions.
  • You were involved in a car accident in Baltimore City and before you hire an attorney, you want to determine who may be the best option for you. You can use the search function on Case Search to research any attorney in Maryland and determine who has had the most success with car accident cases in Baltimore City, or any other county in the state of Maryland.
  • You have a pending case that you are handling on your own and want to check the status and determine whether anything may have been filed by other parties that you did not receive copies of, or even if a court date may have changed and for some reason, you were never sent a new notice.
  • You are a witness in a case or the victim of either a car accident or some other criminal incident. Instead of relying on the State’s Attorney’s office to contact you and advise you of upcoming trial dates, you can use the case search function to make sure you stay apprised of the trial dates in your case to ensure that not only do you have the opportunity to testify against the perpetrator but that you obtain the justice to which you are entitled.

This is, of course, far from an exhaustive list. In fact, many attorneys (this one included), use Maryland Case Search to make sure they remain updated on the status of their cases. Obviously, as with any similar research option, the information contained in the database is not 100% accurate and there is a disclaimer that any user is required to acknowledge before utilizing the tool. But overall, it is a phenomenal resource to lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

Hopefully, this summary proves helpful to determine not only how to use Maryland Case Search, but also the myriad ways it can be beneficial in obtaining valuable information that enables the user to make more informed decisions, whatever their particular situations.

You can use this link to access Maryland Judiciary Case Search.

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