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JUUL Lawsuit Attorney Maryand

Juul Lawsuit Attorney

Dubo Law Firm is reviewing and evaluating claims on behalf of anyone who used a JUUL vaporizer before November 2018 and before the age of 18 and subsequently developed a nicotine addiction.

The Ongoing JUUL Litigation

JUUL e-cigarettes and vapor pads manufacturer, JUUL Labs, is facing litigation based on allegations that it didn’t adequately warn product users of the risks associated with their products. JUUL’s products are advertised as a safer alternative to tobacco. However, those e-cigarettes and vapor pads still contain nicotine. In reality, JUUL products contain significantly more nicotine than its main industry competitors. And as everyone is aware, nicotine is a highly addictive and potentially seriously harmful substance.

Nicotine can be harmful to people of any age, but studies have shown that it poses a more severe health risk to children and teens, who are also more likely to develop an addiction. JUUL just did not do enough to warn users of these risks, and it may have even been directly marketed to children and teens.

Smoking regular cigarettes is hugely unpopular among teens and children, so using JUUL products, rather than replacing a dangerous habit, is a new endeavor that is made to appeal to them even more based on the fact that it comes in many different flavors.

Any minor or youth who has become addicted to nicotine after using a JUUL vape or e-cigarette has potentially suffered significant harm. Dubo Law wants to hold JUUL accountable and obtain fair and just compensation for any of those victims. You might be eligible for compensation if you or your loved one developed a nicotine addiction after using JUUL vape before turning 18 years of age.

JUUL of Denial

JUUL has been one of the most prominent and established names in a hugely competitive e-cigarette market. In fact, recent evaluations have determined that JUUL is worth more than $38 billion, and the company received a generous investment from a tobacco products conglomerate.

According to the evidence and research, such success comes from the product’s popularity among young generations, including minors. In fact, the company was so convinced that it would have sustained success marketing to children and teens that it allegedly, directly and intentionally, marketed to minors. Furthermore, its campaign went so far as to do presentations in schools to promote the importance of mental health and anti-addiction seminars.

JUUL did not desist from this behavior until federal and state governments started investigations and threatened the company with fines and adverse legislation. And only once they were legally required did they begin placing meaningful nicotine warnings on their products. However, millions of people, including a substantial number of teens, have already tried and used JUUL products without being aware of the dangers. And an untold number of them have already developed a nicotine addiction.

Your Right to Justice

While JUUL is in the process of trying to re-establish its image, the damage has already been done. If you or your loved one are among the tens of thousands of people who used JUUL e-cigarettes or vapor pads as a minor and developed a nicotine addition soon after, you might be at risk of facing serious health consequences in the future. The pain, discomfort, and costs are some of the obstacles on the way to breaking the addiction.

Certainly, it is Dubo Law’s position that anyone in this position has the absolute right to be compensated for any damages or injuries fairly and fully. That process starts with holding JUUL accountable.

Are there other kinds of damage besides nicotine addiction?

There are numerous reports and cases of e-cigarettes catching on fire or exploding, causing severe injuries. Other reports show the onset of cancer and similar lung-related illnesses linked to JUUL products. Please contact Dubo Law or free consultation to determine whether you have a potential claim if you or your loved one has suffered an injury or a health condition due to e-cigarette use.

Can I file a claim on behalf of my minor child?

Yes, absolutely. Parents and legal guardians of minors who became addicted to nicotine upon using JUUL products have the right to file a lawsuit on their behalf. We believe strongly that you and your loved one are entitled to compensation for any injuries or damages and will fight to get you the justice you and your family deserve.

Is there an age restriction for a JUUL lawsuit?

At this moment, we are considering only claims filed by JUUL users who developed nicotine addiction before turning 18 years.

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