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It is quite difficult sometimes to find the perfect parking space in Baltimore, MD while running errands, coming to the workplace, or dropping children at school. People think car accidents in parking lots are less likely to occur, but they are actually very common. Even though parking lot accidents happen at very low speed, they can still cause serious injuries or even death.

Maryland car accident lawyers at Dubo Law will successfully handle parking lot lawsuits. We can deal with the case while you recover from an injury since these cases can be complicated at times. We will conduct a detailed inquiry of the accident, gather evidence, recognize liable parties, and record the damages to raise the value of your claim. Dubo Law’s goal is to create an attorney–client relationship with trust and honesty.

Contact Dubo Law if you are involved in a parking lot accident in Baltimore, and we will make sure that you get fully compensated for your losses, such as lost wages, medical bills, property damage, and pain and suffering.

Statistics Of Parking Lot Accidents

An average of 50,000 parking lot accidents occur every year in the US. Annually around 60,000 people get injured in parking lot accidents and 500 people die. Parking lots present a great danger for children since they are hard to spot and often go unsupervised.


of children pedestrians between ages 2-10 were unsupervised on parking lot


of children pedestrians weren’t in their parent’s arm length


of children pedestrians got outside the vehicle before their parents

Parking Lot Accident Types in Baltimore, MD

Intersection Accident

Pillars or poles may cause bad visibility on intersections in parking lots. Some parking lots may not put stop signs or other traffic control devices, so drivers are not sure which side gets to go first. If you pull into cross-traffic you can cause an accident even though it is typically fine to pull up as far as you need to see.

Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Parking lot accidents involving pedestrians are very common since drivers usually fail to see pedestrians behind the vehicle. Many accidents involve children because they can be difficult to spot. Pedestrians have the right of way in marked areas, but other parts of the parking lot can be less clear.

If you are a pedestrian injured in a parking lot by a driver who failed to stop at stop sign or exit and didn’t care to watch out, you are entitled to sue them. In some cases, pedestrians can also be at fault for their own accident if, for example, look at their phone and fail to spot a vehicle backing out.

Disobeying Stop Signs

Stop signs on parking lots help control the movement of cars while also protecting pedestrians. Those who don’t stop at stop signs may cause an accident even if they weren’t speeding. If an accident like this occurs, you can sue another driver who hit you after failing to obey a stop sign or didn’t stop at the exit of a parking lot. An exit is also legally considered a stop sign.

So, bear in mind that stop, yield, speed limit and other signs concerning traffic rules are the same in the parking lots as they are on the road.

Pulling Out and Into Parking Space

Collisions in parking lots occur when vehicles are backing out of spots in the same parking lane but on the opposite side. When something like this happens, it is very hard to determine who’s fault it is. Law of negligence states that both drivers have a responsibility to recognize safety to go back into the lane.

In the case when the vehicle has already started to back up, the other driver on the opposite side should carefully observe and wait before exiting the parking space. Drivers who fail to do so and crash into other vehicles are at fault for the accident. Simultaneous backups are mostly common and involve two drivers who started backing up at the same time and caused a collision in the middle of the parking lot. Anyways, hiring parking accident attorney at Dubo Law can help you determine these technicalities and be compensated for damages.


Very often, drivers are confused about who has the right of way in a parking lot. For example, in a situation where two vehicles back out at the same time, no one has the right of way.

Parking lots consist of two lanes: feeder lane and thoroughfare. Thoroughfare is considered main road in a parking lot since it exits to a street. Feeder lanes basically begin and end at thoroughfare, and those emerging from it have the right of way. So, if you are in the feeder lane, you are obliged to let those in the thoroughfare proceed and wait until it is clear. Those on the road always have the right of way, no matter if you are in a parking space backing out or pulling through.

Causes of Parking Lot Accidents in Baltimore, MD

The most common cause of any car accident is a distraction, whether it is a distracted walker or driver. According to NSC survey most drivers involved in parking lot accidents confirmed that they were distracted by:

  • texting
  • sending email
  • using social media
  • watching video or taking photos

It is not always the drivers’ fault since sometimes pedestrians can be distracted too. People usually fail to check whether the path is clear or if some vehicle is backing out of the parking space.

Both drivers and pedestrians don’t take parking lot accidents seriously because there are not many moving vehicles. But those moving vehicles are always a threat and cause an accident.

Other causes would involve:

  • Racing for the perfect spot during the holiday season or on weekends
  • Pulling out of a parking spot and failing to check safety can cause backing into another vehicle
  • When you don’t obey and spot directional and stop signs
  • When parking lots are overcrowded, accidents are more likely to occur
  • Speeding
  • Failing to see a blind sport

What To Do After Being Involved in Parking Lot Accident in Baltimore

On many occasions, parking lot accidents may not cause serious injuries but at other times may involve serious injuries and even be fatal.

People involved in parking accidents don’t often see any dangers in parking lots; when it happens, they aren’t sure how to handle it. It is crucial to take some steps as well as call Dubo Law and we will handle the case professionally and thoroughly.

Immediately after the accident occurs bear in mind that:

Calling 911 and filing police reports is especially important if being involved in a parking lot accident because these places often don’t have adequate security. There are those cases where vehicles aren’t involved, but a person slips and falls due to property defects. This person is still eligible to make a claim and entitled to compensation due to the injury.

Asking for immediate medical help is an important step in documenting injuries even if they don’t seem so severe at first. Sometimes a person can notice some physical injuries a couple of days after the accident occurred. By documenting the injuries, you’ll be more likely to get the proper compensation. Some injuries can cause permanent or temporary disability, which can prevent you from working. By contacting our car accident attorneys, you can be positive that all lost wages and medical bills will be compensated.

Gather all possible evidence, such as photos, videos, and witness reports. If you suffered from personal injury concerning slip and fall, make sure to take photos of the condition that caused the accident. For example, you slipped on ice, and if you fail to get evidence immediately, the ice can melt in a few hours. If it was a vehicle accident, try to see if there is any video surveillance in the parking lot that maybe recorded the event. Lastly, look for witnesses because maybe someone saw something that could be crucial to your claim. No matter what happened, proof must be presented before the court to calculate the true damage and possible compensation.

Who is Liable and What is Maryland Law in Parking Lot Accident

Accidents which occur in parking lots are often complicated to handle. There are many vehicles, and the place is usually crowded. Authorities, lawyers, and law itself have multiple difficulties determining who is at fault and who had the right of way.

Maryland Contributory Negligence

Both drivers and pedestrians involved in parking lot accidents may share liability. Maryland Contributory Negligence Law states that if you are even one percent at fault, you are losing the right to compensation for an injury claim.

What does that mean?

Well, if you are going through social media while parking or backing out your vehicle and hit another vehicle or pedestrian, your chance of getting any financial recovery is 0% even though other party didn’t pay attention too.

Maryland is an at-fault state for vehicle accidents. The same law applies to parking lots as well as highways and roads. Everyone involved will receive the same determination of fault no matter who caused what. The only difference with parking lot accidents is that sometimes there are many ambiguities because they can be private properties, thus not owning the same street signs and signals as public roads.

parking lot accidents

Parking Management

The owner or manager of the parking lot can be at-fault too. If the negligence of the owner is proved, he/she can also be held liable for injuries and damages. The obligation of parking lot managers and owners is to take proper care, maintain and free the lot from any harm. Every situation is different and unique, but a negligent driver will be to blame in most accidents. But, in other cases, the parking lot itself can be the cause, but the owner will be to blame. For example, if the parking lot is very dark and poorly lit, it can cause an accident.

Maryland Statute of Limitation

The Statute of Limitation refers to a limited period you must file a lawsuit against those you believe caused an accident. The clock will start running from the moment an accident occurs and you have three years to file a claim according to Maryland state.

There are some exceptions to this law:

  • In the case of wrongful death, the time will start from the date of death
  • Minors have time until 21
  • If government agency is involved, you have one year

Failing to meet the deadline will result in permanently losing the right to file a claim. If you have any questions or doubts, contact Dubo Law personal injury attorneys for legal advice.

Hit and Run Parking Lot Accident

All laws concerning hit-and-run accidents on parking lots apply and people should take the same steps, such as exchanging insurance information with the other driver, reporting the accident to authorities and seeking medical help. Police officers won’t respond to an accident that happened on private property which results in not having the report when filling the claim. In this case, gathering other evidence such as photos, notes and witness information can be vital to your case.

It is not unusual that drivers hit unattended parked vehicles and drive off. One possibility is to track the driver, but it not likely to find him/her and the other one is to use uninsured motorist coverage for the damages. Under state law, uninsured coverage is subject to $250, but some damages can cost you thousands of dollars.

Common Injuries in Parking Lot Accidents

Minor property damage is caused to the vehicles in parking lot accidents since cars usually don’t drive at high speeds. Bodily injuries include bruises, soreness, bumps, and mild whiplash. But in those cases where drivers speed through the parking lot, people can suffer from traumatic injuries, especially pedestrians who don’t have any protection when being hit.

Parking lot accidents can cause injuries such as:

  • Fractures and bone breakings
  • Back and neck injury
  • TBI (traumatic brain injury)
  • Whiplash
  • Temporary or permanent disabilities due to spinal cord injury

Tips To Avoid Parking Lot Accidents

If you are a driver:

  • Many crashes in parking lots occur because vehicles back up, so keep an eye out for cars backing into you.
  • Obey signs and speed limit.
  • You can park a bit away from your destination to avoid a crash.
  • Seat belts can keep you safe even if driving at low speed.
  • Be aware of blind spots!
  • If you park at night, try to find well-lit spots because of the ability to see pedestrians and other drivers better.

If you are pedestrian:

  • Be very cautious about moving vehicles.
  • Try not to text or distract yourself and use marked crosswalks.
  • Be extra careful at night.
  • Larger vehicles have bigger blind zones, so watch out if you spot them.

Commonly Used Parking Lots in Baltimore

Some of the most popular and well-rated parking spots in Baltimore are:

  1. The Parking Spot
  2. FastPark 2
  3. Fleet and Eden Garage
  4. Baltimore grand Garage
  5. FastPark and Relax

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“I had a great experience with the Dubo Law firm, they will go out of their way to make sure you get what is owed to you. The team I had the pleasure of working with were very professional! I am truly satisfied with my result”.

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“From my very first conversation with Neil who answered the phone, I felt confident in his abilities. He was actually my third call after being rear ended by an uninsured driver. Neil was kind and relatable. The case took longer than initially expected due to the driver providing false insurance information, but Neil and his team was easy to work with. In this new world with covid and everything moves at a slow pace. They provided me with feedback and provided reasonable deadlines to all parties. I would highly recommend Neil and his team”.

Stefan Brown, Baltimore

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