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One of the top-rated Baltimore Lyft car accident lawyers will gladly take your case if you or your loved one has been injured in a rideshare accident. Due to the increased number of active Lyft drivers throughout the state of Maryland, the occurrence of accidents also increased. These accidents are relatively new types of collision, so the help of the committed Lyft car accident attorney in Baltimore can maximize your chances of getting the justice you deserve after the crash.

At Dubo Law, we deeply understand the frustration of dealing with insurance companies or another party that refuses to accept liability for reckless or negligent behavior. The insurance companies may try to deny or minimize the claim, so those cases can be challenging, and victims may still have difficulties recovering compensation for their injuries. Reach out to Neil Dubovsky, one of the best car collision lawyers in Maryland, for competent legal representation. From start to finish, we are just a phone call away.

Steps to Take After the Lyft Accident in Maryland

What you do just after the accident can impact your chances of recovering the compensation for the damages. Steps you need to take after the accident are:

  • Seek medical treatment to take care of your injuries, even if you do not think you need a doctor; delaying medical care could hurt your health and, consequently, your case.
  • Report the accident by dialing 911. Police will come to the scene of the accident and make an official report.
  • Contact a Baltimore Lyft accident attorney at Dubo Law, at (443) 275-6345, and we will tell you what to do next.
  • Document your damages by taking photographs of your injuries. It is also important to keep all the receipts and bills, and copies of your medical records. If you are injured as a Lyft passenger, ensure you save a screenshot of the Lyft receipt and reservation in the app.
  • Report the accident to Lyft, but do not speak to anyone before you consult your attorney. You can simply report the accident through the Lyft app without making a statement.

Causes of Lyft Accidents in Baltimore

The causes of Lyft accidents are similar to the causes of other motor vehicle accidents. Human error is the most significant factor that leads to accidents, and may include:

  • Speeding
  • Road rage
  • Tailgating
  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • Drowsy driving of fatigue
  • Alcohol or drug impairment
  • Distracted driving
  • Weather conditions
  • Poor road signalization and conditions

Other factors may include defective auto parts and poor car maintenance. As one of the best car accident lawyers, we will do our best to investigate the crash and compile all the relevant evidence to increase your chances of recovering the maximum compensation.

Common Lyft Accident Injuries

Some Lyft accident victims may walk away without any injury, while others may suffer lifelong injuries. Regardless of the severity of the injuries, the victim deserves fair compensation for all losses.

However, some injuries may be perceived as minor but may develop into something more serious or even medical complications. If you are injured in a Lyft accident, seeking medical treatment is the first thing you need to do. Some of the most frequent injuries resulting from the accident include:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Whiplash and other neck injuries
  • Back injuries and broken vertebrae
  • Broken bones (fractures)
  • Concussion and skull injuries
  • Disfigurement and scarring

How Rideshare Companies Insurance Functions

Although Lyft’s insurance policies are generous to the passengers, their coverage is tiered, and its system has its own rules. The company expressly states that its policy is secondary. It simply means you must exhaust any other applicable insurance before making a claim with Lyft. Also, if another driver is at-fault, you cannot file with Lyft’s uninsured/underinsured policy until you have gotten all the compensation you have from the at-fault party.

Insurance limits depend on the driver’s activity in the app, so we have three situations:

  • The Lyft driver has the app turned on and waits for the passenger.
  • The Lyft driver is on the way to pick up an accepted passenger or is already carrying a passenger.
  • The Lyft driver has the app turned off and does not have a rider.

In the first scenario, the passengers are covered by Lyft’s limited liability insurance, which will likely be $50,000/$100,000. In the second case scenario, Lyft’s commercial policy has a liability coverage limit of $ million. In the third circumstance, when the app is turned off, any accident falls under the driver’s personal insurance policy.

The process is more complicated when multiple policies are included. Our experienced accident attorney is known for taking high-profile cases against big companies – you can be confident in our ability to fight back.

Lyft Car Accident Lawyer in Baltimore

Dubo Law will maneuver your case successfully to create an even playing field

Understanding Lyft Accident Claims

The company considers Lyft drivers as independent contractors. This status is essential to understand, as employees have different legal rights than independent contractors. What is more important, a company may be held legally responsible for the acts of its employees but not for the actions of the independent contractors.

Nonetheless, as an injured Lyft passenger, you cannot be responsible for the accident in any case. If the Lyft driver was at-fault for the accident, then the company’s insurance coverage will likely apply. We will advise you properly on the best steps to take to receive fair compensation for the damages you sustained.

Available Damages in Lyft Accidents in Maryland

Compensation for a variety of damages is available in Lyft accidents. In cases you do not suffer permanent damages, you are still eligible for compensation. Some of the most common damages include:

Medical Expenses

Medical care bills can be really high. It may include the costs of hospitalization, surgeries, doctor’s bills, physical therapies, medications, rehabilitation, counseling, occupational therapy, and other ongoing medical expenses related to the disability.

Lost Wages

Some injuries may require you to stay at home for some time and stop doing some basic job functions. You must be aware of the fact that you will not be earning while at home, so your income will reduce. Also, another possible scenario is that you may never work again for the rest of your life due to the seriousness of the injuries. We must carefully calculate all of these losses.

Pain & Suffering

This is the point where the lawyer’s experience is extremely useful, as calculating the intangible losses can be very challenging. The lawyer you hire needs to understand what you are going through and convert a considerable amount of pain you have suffered, including the following factors:

  • Limitations from certain activities
  • Using pain medications that can affect your life
  • Consequences of the emotional and mental pain

Determining Liability in Lift Accidents

Determining liability is a critical step in any accident case. Establishing which party is at-fault controls who is responsible and whose insurance company will pay for damages. In cases where several policies are involved (like in Lyft accidents), insurance companies often like to point fingers at one another to avoid paying damages. This back-and-forth can be particularly frustrating for the injured victim, who must usually pay extensive medical bills.

Neil Dubovsky, an experienced former insurance company’s defense lawyer, knows exactly how they operate and what tricks they use to take advantage of the accident victims. Let us fight for the justice you deserve; contact Dubo Law for a free case analysis. We will investigate what happened, and besides the driver, other entities can be found liable for the accident:

  • Maintenance workers (or companies) for improper or lack of maintenance of the vehicles that caused an accident.
  • Manufacturers, for making faulty parts that can cause an accident.
  • A municipality, if Baltimore city or other ruling areas fail to retain proper road conditions.
  • The third party, if another driver caused an accident.

Contributory Negligence and Lyft Accidents

You may be puzzled by the fact that Lyft insurance companies try to blame you for the accident, even if you are an innocent victim, such as a passenger, pedestrian, motorcycle driver or bicyclist. They may claim that you did something to contribute to the accident. It is because of the contributory negligence rule in Maryland. Injured plaintiffs must prove the defendant is completely responsible for the accident in order to seek damages. You may not be able to get compensation if you are partially to blame for the cause of the accident.

If an insurance company implies you might be partially responsible for the accident, reach out to our personal injury lawyers. We will deal with all the complications of your case so you can focus on your recovery.

Time Limits for Lyft Accident Claims

Unfortunately, there is a time limit for filing a Lyft accident claim. The statute of limitations imposes a deadline of three years from the date of the crash to file a claim. This time limit takes into account accident claims and lawsuits.


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