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Highway Accident Lawyer in Maryland

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The element that makes this type of accident very dangerous is the speed at which vehicles travel. The limit is higher than on the city roads and this can create huge impacts when a crash occurs. As drivers try to maintain a high-speed level, control over the vehicle may be lost and the risk of crash becomes excessive.

To be a victim of highway vehicle accident can be very traumatic. Here at Dubo Law, we have been practicing law and helping people gain compensation for twenty years. Our Maryland car accident attorneys have knowledge in representing clients in highway crashes, so all the legal matters will be covered. From lost wages, injuries to pain and suffering, Dubo Law as an accomplished Maryland law firm will provide you exceptional services without any fee unless you win.

Other reasons why you should contact experienced injury lawyers if being involved in highway crashes include – we can investigate and examine all accident aspects while you recover, gather evidence needed for your claim, deal with insurance companies, hospitals, and police, and in case their offer doesn’t meet our expectations, we will push it to the trial.

Highway Crash Primer and Stats

Accident that happened on freeways usually results in pileups, i.e., multi-vehicle collisions because of the crowded traffic on these roads. For example, the driver wants to change the lane but forgets to check the blind spot and crashes into the vehicle in adjacent lane.

Other examples may be when a driver misses the exit and makes a sudden turn or when the driver is speeding with no time to react hitting the vehicle before him and causing multi-vehicle accident.

In 2021 there were 557 highway crashes in Maryland, one of the most common causes was unsafe driving. But on the other hand, Maryland experienced a decline of 3% in comparison to 2020.

Most Dangerous Maryland Roads

The criteria for establishing most dangerous roads in Maryland was based on fatal crashes which occurred on those highways. I-95, for example, is considered one of the deadliest and it crosses eight states. After I-95 there are also US-1 and US-301.

Car accidents may be unavoidable sometimes and we can’t predict them. It is very important for drivers in Maryland to get to know their roads and learn on which they should pay extra attention.

Prince George County is one of the most dangerous counties for accidents to occur. Another county that shares some roads with it is Anne Arundel County and they are very close in number of fatalities every year. Other areas that interact with Prince George County are Suitland Parkway, Landover Area, and Capitol Heights town. All these locations are very busy and see heavy traffic every day.

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Occasions Which Lead to Highway Crashes

The issue of vehicle moving at great speed on highways usually leads to severe injuries and even death. Over the last century limits of speed have increased and highways experience number of issues such as highway merging, passing on left, unnecessary lanes change and driving through numerous lanes to exit.

These are some of the reasons why highway crashes occur and are part of habitual behavior on the road. Other causes are the same as on any other road and traffic area:

  • Natural elements such as weather conditions
  • Road defects or conditions caused by weather as rain, snow, and ice
  • Texting, talking, watching videos, reading news are some of the main causes nowadays
  • Drunk driving and impaired driving
  • Distracted driving

Steps to Take After Highway Accident in Maryland

It is natural to have many unanswered questions right after the accident occurred. Some common questions crossing our mind include whether you should call attorney or police, is it obligatory to take photos, should you call medical help, etc.

Highway collisions are usually very dangerous and can even cause major pileups. This produces a very traumatic experience for victims along with confusion and panic. Let’s see which steps are most common to follow if you were involved in highway vehicle accident:

Call 911 or Non-Emergency Services

911 and local non-emergency services will be able to arrange medical attention and police to arrive at the accident scene. If major injuries or property damage occurred, 911 must be informed. On the other hand, if there were some minor or no injuries at all, you can contact Maryland local service.

Here is the link with local service by county in Maryland in case you experienced highway collision.

Police must be contacted if there was some property damage or injuries at the scene. There are some situations when they refuse to send the officers and usually it is because there wasn’t any major damage done. Police report is not obliged in Maryland, but it can be helpful and important later if you decide to pursue compensation. Their report would involve exchanging information between you and the other driver, and it will keep a record of the event in case the insurance agency requires it.

Check Yourself and Passengers for Injuries

Injuries from highway accident may be major or minor. Some of the major and non-visible injuries include traumatic brain injury and internal bleeding. These are usually unnoticeable at first but can cause fatal outcomes. Therefore, it is important to seek medical attention immediately after the crash. Minor injuries are cuts, bruises, bone protrusions, etc. Other injuries include:

  • Spinal cord injury
  • Whiplash
  • Neck injury
  • Broken bones

Be Positive You Are Safe

Highway accidents happened in the middle of very crowded roads with many cars passing in. In many cases the traffic doesn’t cease, but it continues as if the accident didn’t happen. Of course, that depends on how huge the collision was.

The very important thing driver should do is not getting out of the car in the middle of a highway. There is a great chance of another vehicle hitting you if you immediately exit the car. Turn off the vehicle and turn on emergency flashers. Bear in mind not to move the vehicle until the police arrive. Only in case your vehicle presents danger for others on the road, you can move it but before you do it, take a picture of the car.

Trade Information

Collecting information from another party involved in the freeway accident is an important step to take. Two major things should be gathered from the other driver:

Contact Information

  • Name, address, and phone number (home, office, and cell)
  • License number
  • Plate number

Insurance Information

Insurance information is crucial when an accident occurs. You must be sure that the driver is insured and the simplest way to gather his/her information is to take a picture of the insurance card. The insurance company card possesses:

  • VIN number
  • Make, model, and year of the vehicle
  • Policy limit and number
  • Name of insurance company

Police Report

In case the police arrive at the scene, they will file the report and in case they don’t, make sure to visit the nearest police station. The police report number is what you need to access the final report. Other things that should be gathered from the officer are his/her name, badge number and contact information. The police report will contain information such as:

  • Involved vehicle
  • Location
  • Time and place of an accident
  • Statements from witnesses
  • Amount of property damage

Collect Evidence from The Scene

You will be able to collect evidence only if there were no major injuries involved. These things should be collected for further investigation and for later compensation case. Evidence includes:

Photos of Accident Location

Sometimes officers simply fail to notice some of the details surrounding the location of highway accidents. Drivers can take photos of some traffic signs or road defects which can later support their case.

Photos of Property Damages

If your car is damaged in a freeway accident photos of skid marks, debris, or bumpers should be taken. This can help reconstruct the event and conclude who is at fault for the accident. Also, if there are some other property damages such as guardrail, evidence of it should be collected.

Statements and Witnesses Information

Witnesses’ contact information and names can be of great help since someone usually saw or noticed something you couldn’t at the moment of accident. Many times, witnesses just continue with their business or simply drive away before the police come. Try to ask them politely to stay and support your case if it was the other party’s fault.

What to Avoid Doing on the Highway Accident Scene

  • Keep it low! Try not to get involved in an argument with another party or passengers.
  • Don’t sign anything! Pay attention to statements that contain promises of paying damages to the other party or offering him/her to pay you.
  • Keep quiet! Everything you want to say can wait. Stories and statements should be given to the police officers and the insurance company.
  • As the other party is obliged to provide their personal information, you must do the same thing.

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‘’Let me first say I was very skeptical about finding a law firm that would truly go to bat for me and make sure justice was served. Well Neil and his team went above and beyond my expectations. I was kept up to date every step of the way. Even though this was delayed due to the Pandemic. When the time came to settle my personal injury case, Neil brought his”A” game, and I must admit I was truly impressed and satisfied with the outcome. Thank you so much for going the distance and seeking justice for me. You all are awesome. All the way up to Alleghany County Maryland. You did a Hella job! I will forever be grateful.’’

Sabrina Taylor, Baltimore

“It was a great experience he was very proactive and reactive to my case and he was very timely and consisent to the needs of me as a client. I would definitely refer him to my friends and family.”

Tavon Eades, Baltimore

Dubo Law Attorneys Can Help With Freeway Crash Case

  • We are team of experienced accident lawyers who will get you deserved compensation
  • Neil Dubovsky will lead you and navigate through the whole process
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  • Dubo Law firm has two decades of experience in freeway traffic collisions and has helped many drivers throughout Maryland during their hard times

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