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Dubo Law car accident lawyers handle victims in insurance claims, in case of serious injuries and even death. There are many such cases in Maryland yearly, and lawsuits can take months to complete. Insurance companies use various methods and tactics to prevent victims from taking the right compensation amount. The assistance of our lane change accident attorneys can be valuable when seeking compensation since we will gather the necessary documents and evidence of the lane change accident and take care of all legal matters. Our thorough investigation will expose all potential issues and demand recoup for your medical expenses, rehab, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Call us at (443) 275-6345 if you or someone you care about has been involved in a lane change accident and book a free case evaluation.

Lane changing on highways and busy streets can be very challenging. Participants in traffic should be fully aware and devote their attention to this operation to do it safely. No matter how experienced the driver is, merging in the middle of heavy or even light traffic can cause a fatal crash. Also, the risk is even bigger because these accidents usually occur on highways and main roads where vehicles travel at greater speed.

Common Causes of Lane Change Accidents in Maryland

There are multiple reasons for lane change accidents to happen. One example is the driver failing to properly interpret the space between vehicles before entering the lane. Sometimes driver doesn’t merge the car safely from the yield or stop position. Other reasons include the following:

  • Speeding and aggressive driving
  • Failing to use the turn signal when changing lanes
  • Crossing numerous lanes at the same time
  • Driving too slowly or too fast while merging into the highway
  • Cutting off other participants
  • Distractions such as texting, speaking on the phone and grooming while driving
  • Tailgating another vehicle

Who is At-Fault in Lane Change Crashes?

Typically the driver who was merging or lane changing is at fault because he/she has to yield the right of way. If the changing lane driver was negligent, he/she would be liable for the crash and any injuries or damages.

But the driver who wasn’t merging could be at fault too. For example, a driver drives aggressively and wants to hit the merging driver intentionally because he thinks the other driver cut him off. Other situations include drivers who were intoxicated, distracted or speeding.

In some cases, there is no traffic violation that caused the accident to happen, but other situations may occur on the road. For the road defects, the agency that does the building, design and maintenance will be held liable for the accident. So, these situations include the following:

  • Weather conditions such as heavy rain, hail, snowstorm
  • Mechanical defects of the vehicle
  • Faulty traffic lights, signals, and signs
  • Absence of proper road maintenance
  • Lack of adequate road design

Maryland Laws in Changing Lane Accidents

First and foremost, the contributory negligence rule is crucial in recovering compensation. It states that you must build the case to prove that the other driver was 100% at fault. Additionally, you have to prove that you weren’t even 1% at fault. This further means that the plaintiff cannot receive compensation if they share the fault for injuries and damages caused.

The Statute of Limitations in Maryland is a three-year deadline for filing the compensation claim. Failing to meet the deadline results in inability to seek compensation ever again. There are a few exceptions though.

  • For wrongful death cases the time starts from the date of death
  • For minors the clock start ticking from the moment they turn 18
  • A person who was mentally incomprehensible at the time of the accident can file a claim from the moment he/she becomes sane again.

Follow this link for more information on Maryland car accident laws.

Steps and Evidence to Take After a Changing Lane Accident

Everything you do after the accident from the moment you leave the car is vital for obtaining damage compensation. Of course, your health and safety come first.

Move the vehicle to a safe location and get out of the car if possible

If your vehicle still functions, move it out of the traffic flow. Turn on hazard lights to alert other traffic participants of the stopped vehicle.

Call 911

Sometimes accident damages and injuries aren’t serious, and drivers refuse to call the police. The truth is, in Maryland, the police themselves refuse to come if there was no serious harm done. Anyways, it is advisable to report the accident and get the report since it can be crucial when filing a compensation claim.

Get personal and insurance information from the other driver

If you are not seriously injured and are able to get out of the vehicle, you should exchange insurance and contact details with another driver. Sometimes drivers refuse to exchange information, so instead of making a scene, you should wait for the police to arrive. Avoid conflicts or physical contact at any cause.

Gather Evidence from the Scene

Everything from the scene may be taken as evidence later when you file the compensation claim. Make sure to take photos of injuries, surroundings, and debris done to the vehicle. You can also make a video of the whole scene and check for cameras on the road. Also, look for witnesses too. Maybe someone saw something and is willing to give a statement in your favor.

Get Medical Attention Right Away

Sometimes drivers involved in changing lane accidents do not feel and notice injuries right away. Bear in mind that there is an adrenalin rush after the crash, and drivers are more focused on the damage to the property. Seeking medical attention is vital since some injuries can be internal and cause life-threatening conditions in just a  few days. Also, if you plan to hire an injury attorney, you will need medical reports on injuries.

Damages in Changing Lane Accidents

There are two types of damages for which we can seek compensation and those are economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages

Economic damages involve financial costs and are calculated based on medical reports, receipts and statements on injured drivers’ jobs and lost wages, etc. They include:

  • Medical expenses – attention received on the scene, hospital stay and recovery
  • Vehicle damages – repairs and replacement
  • Lost income – for current and future wages

Non-economic damages

Non-economic damages are losses with no monetary value. Some people suffer from PTSD or anxiety, so these are for pain and suffering. It is hard to determine their true cost, but statements from friends and family can be vital. They can testify to how the accident changed an injured river’s habits and quality of life.

Lane Change Lawyers in Baltimore

Tips to Prevent Changing Lane Accidents

  • Use turn signals
  • Merge and change lanes cautiously
  • Keep safe distance
  • Avoid any distractions
  • Change lanes when approaching a highway ramp

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To cite Neil Dubovsky, our founder and of the best car accident attorneys in Maryland, “we don’t handle cases, we develop relationships.” This sentence is exactly how Dubo Law operates, and our primary concern is how the accident affected everyday lives of the victims. Dubo Law team’s success is defined by happy clients, and we do our best to bring experience, judgment, and expertise to the table to ensure a favorable outcome. Our clients are offered:

  • Personal attention and responsive service
  • Industry experts and knowledge of local and state laws
  • A whole team working and fighting for you
  • Comprehensive approach to every case
Having the opportunity to be represented by Neil and his staff was an honor. Showing integrity, confidence, concern, good judgment, bearing and knowledge is what this firm has to offer. We all have different cases and situations. With that said, I was blessed to have my mind at rest regardless the outcome knowing Neil and his staff went above and beyond their duties as professionals to manage my case. Each and every member of this firm took time and effort into my case. Professionals communicate and provide results as well as follow through with actions behind their words. This exactly what I received from Dubo Law. Thank you Neil and Kelsey for being very true to your passions.

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